Our Range Of Swing & Sliding Gates

Beautiful swing & sliding gates beautify your home. At Link Metal Gate & Construction, our quality sliding and swing gates come in various styles and sizes to fit any homes. Browse through some of our different designs below.

Swing Gates: (Click on picture for model number)

Model ASWG001
Model ASWG002
Model ASWG003
Model ASWG004
Model ASWG005
Model ASWG006
Model ASWG007
Model ASWG008
Model ASWG009
Model ASWG010
Model ASWG011
Model ASWG012
Model ASWG013
Model ASWG014
Model ASWG015
Model ASWG016
Model ASWG017
Model ASWG018
Model ASWG019
Model ASWG020
Model ASWG021
Model ASWG022
Model ASWG023
Model ASWG024
Model ASWG025
Model ASWG026
Model ASWG027


Sliding Gates: (Click on picture for model number)

Model ASLG001
Model ASLG002
Model ASLG003
Model ASLG004
Model ASLG005
Model ASLG006
Model ASLG007

Want to see more of our designs, do give us a call at 6884 0746 or email us linkmeta@singnet.com.sg and we will be glad to show you more.



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